VLV Beauty is the first to bring to Greece an online beauty school.

There you will find not only prepaid seminars but also many FREE seminars that concern all Beauty Artists and not only.

We have many eyelash extensions Masterclass such as:
- Eyeliner Effect & Specialized Modeling
- Kim Kardashian Style
- Volume in 60 min
- Wet Effect

But even many courses for proper Marketing and Promotion through social media and not only, such as:

- Insta Promo Beauty Artist 1.0 & 2.0 (with 40+ & 50+ lessons)
- Storymaker - Top Stories
- Insta Gaming
We have trained thousands of students mainly in Greece and Cyprus but also worldwide, who never stop evolving.

They have been distinguished many times nationally and globally with multiple entries in competitions, always winning first places!